Structural Shoring Services

structural shoringIn addition to extensive property loss, there is also a significant risk of a building collapsing soon after a fire emergency. Since fire has the serious potential to quickly degrade a structure to the point where the building can collapse, it is critical to take action as quickly as possible.

In order to prevent a property that has experienced severe fire damage from falling, structural shoring is often needed. Structural shoring refers to the process of temporarily supporting a residential or commercial building to prevent it from collapsing. In order to avoid a complete loss of property, structural shoring provides bracing – either horizontal, vertical or both – so that fire restoration and other personnel may provide any needed mitigation services. In other words, structural shoring can be thought of as highly-secure scaffolding that is added to the building’s foundation to keep it upright during a time when it susceptible to falling.

Since a fire-stricken building may collapse at any moment, structural shoring is an inherently urgent service. At 24 Fire, structural shoring is just one of the many fire damage restoration services that we provide after your residential or commercial property experiences damage.

Our structural shoring experts are extremely knowledgeable in inspecting and diagnosing your residential or commercial building, and implementing durable support to prevent your property from becoming a total loss. 24 Fire’s structural shoring team has several years of experience in acting quickly and intelligently in the event of a fire damage emergency. Contact us (24 hours a day) at 855.280.3060 for more information on our comprehensive structural shoring services.

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