Public Safety Officials

24 Fire is the trusted partner of Public Safety Officials throughout New England. Our team of disaster emergency professionals responds quickly to provide fire and disaster victims with a variety of emergency services.

Securing the Property

The first step in the recovery process is to protect the property from further damage and secure all personal belongings. 24 Fire will immediately assist with board-ups, tarp (roof cover), and any other appropriate structural stabilization services to minimize potential damage that can occur from exposure to the elements.

Firefighters and other emergency service personnel are always the first professionals to the scene. However, once the threat has been extinguished and the scene has been cleared, the victims are often left with a long road to full recovery. Many complex decisions must be made with very little prior experience, and understandably, victims are often extremely overwhelmed.

Most often, fire officials are in the best position to guide the victim and help them avoid further property damage, financial risk, and far too frequently, aggressive fire-scene solicitors. By partnering with 24 Fire you will have a trusted source that will arrive quickly to guide victims through the complex recovery process.

24 Fire Partnership

24 Fire partners with Fire Departments throughout New England by providing continuing education and training. In addition, we provide victim assistance packets that fire officials can provide to victims at fire scenes. These resources are provided to fire departments at no cost. If you are interested in learning more about these services and 24 Fire please contact us at 855-280-3060.

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