Property Board-ups

property board upAfter a fire emergency occurs, there are several important steps that need to be taken to restore the property and prevent additional damage or loss. One of the most effective ways that home and business owners can secure and minimize the damage that occurs after a fire emergency is by boarding up the property. When a fire emergency occurs, there are often several areas of the property that are left exposed and vulnerable to additional damage.

Windows, doorways, the roof, and any other sections of the property need to be secured as soon as possible to prevent more significant damage and protect it from the elements. If left unaddressed, exposed areas of the property can also invite unwanted intruders to enter the premises.

property board upAdditionally, if the fire emergency occurs during winter, your property is susceptible to snow, wind and rain that can degrade the structure and potentially cause a collapse. By boarding up a property after a fire emergency, home and business owners can secure their assets and prevent a complete loss.

At 24 Fire, our emergency team of specialists will quickly arrive at your residential or commercial property prepared to assist with properly and efficiently securing the structure. 24 Fire has significant experience providing board-up services – our restoration experts have the know-how to quickly assess each specific situation and take the appropriate actions to mitigate the damage to your property. Our team uses only the most durable and secure board-up products to ensure your property will hold up under the harshest of conditions. To learn more about our emergency board-up services, please contact 24 Fire at 855.280.3060.

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